your full service machine shop since  1980


Our goal is to continually improve our companies performance, the effectiveness of the quality systems performance and fulfill the customers needs.

Production Machining

To compete in this global market where so many companies look to go over seas, we must look to find new ways to be competitive. Here at Arizona Precision Industries we strive to run  faster and more efficiently than ever before. Thus passing the savings on to our customers. We do this by designing high end fixturing and using the most advanced cad cam technology available. This allows us to run for longer periods of time un attended. thus allowing us to produce large quantities of parts and increasing the productivity, and passing the savings on to you the customer.

R&D/ Short run part Parts
Short runs, prototyping of parts, this is one of our specialties and how we started out. We strive to work with all your companies  needs, from one to ten thousand parts no minimum is needed and we are driven to get you the best price period.

High Speed CNC Machining

Every day, we push the boundaries of what is possible in CNC machining. We constantly maximize tool speeds, take pressure out of each cut and invest in the right tools for the right applications. With the correct approach, we are able to maintain incredibly tight tolerances, as low as +/- .0001, while maintaining a consistently high feed rate. By applying the right techniques with the right fixtures, we have found the recipe for a successful machining approach. We pass the savings on to you.

 We have worked with some of the most difficult materials in the world and been successful at  meeting our customers needs. If its Titanium, Nitronic 60, A286, Carbon Fiber, aluminum or plastic, even foam, we have done it all.